1. Students must be physically and mentally healthy. We ask parents to complete the CCIS Student Background Questionnaire as fully and honestly as possible, so that CCIS can have as clear as possible understanding of the student applicant so that we can best address the student’s strengths, needs and areas offering room for improvement.
  2. Complete the application form and provide required identification and previous school history documents as required. Compete the CCIS Entrance Exams: English, Math and Oral Interview and meet or exceed the minimum requirements.
  3. Students must be over nine (9) years old.
  4. Students and parents must have positive and cooperative attitudes and adhere to CCIS policies and procedures.

The application process
The application process is comprised of three stages. Admissions decisions can be made only after all information listed below is gathered and reviewed by the school.

  1. Apply
    Chengdu Concordia International School(CCIS)practices a rolling admissions policy during the school year. Applications are accepted year-round. Applicants can download the application form from the CCIS website and e-mail the completed form to or call the CCIS Admission Office (028-82411641) to make an admissions appointment.
  1. Submit required documentation:
  • Copy of ID or passport
  • Records of past academic performance. Photocopies are acceptable although originals must be provided during the interview. Academic records (school reports or transcripts) must include a phone number and contact person for the issuing institution. CCIS reserves the right to contact any school to verify information presented.
  • Two recent one-inch photographs
  • Application Form and Student’s file: Complete the CCIS Application Form and Students’ file (Download from website) before taking the Entrance Exams.
  1. CCIS Entrance Exams:

Our Entrance Exam tests students’ English reading and writing ability and includes an Oral Interview to determine their level of speaking proficiency. This entrance test measures a student’s ability on an international scale of proficiency called the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This scale is used to measure the proficiency of all European languages, including English.  Students demonstrating the required level of English proficiency qualify for direct enrollment into CCIS.  Students who fall into the second tier of English skills will be provided additional academic and social English support during classes, during self-study periods and during evening study. This extra study should help them to lift themselves up to the level of English proficiency needed for success at CCIS and to study abroad successfully.  Students not reaching the second tier of English proficiency of the CCIS Entrance Exam may be referred to the CCIS Bridge Program. Support materials including vocabulary and academic subject resources will be made available to Bridge students. These resources will build the skills and vocabulary necessary to help students qualify for enrollment into CCIS. The CCIS Bridge Program also conducts weekend classes during Spring semester and over the summer in order to provide learning and cultural familiarization opportunities to students considering enrolling in CCIS.

Candidates are required to take CCIS Math test.  The Math Exam tests problems including equations and word problems.  The Middle and High School tests include a section on Physics also.

Personal Interview:
A personal interview with parents and child is the last stage of the admissions process. Children are interviewed by either a faculty member or an administrator.  Parents will talk with an administrator so that the parents can learn more about the school, understand our essential requirements and ask any remaining questions they may have at that time.  Parents wishing to make an appointment for the interview and placement test should contact the Admissions Office. After the admissions process is completed, a decision is presented to the family. If an Offer Letter is presented and accepted the offer is valid for a restricted period of time. If a family fails to accept the offer and/or to fails to pay the deposit within the designated time period the applicant’s seat in the class is no longer reserved.