Teaching and Learning Management System

  • Engrade: Engrade is a system with powerful functions. Teachers use it to record students’ everyday general performance, grades, and attendance. Students and parents utilize this program to view students’ daily academic performance, grades and be more involved in students’ studies. Moreover, parents can also communicate with teachers by using Engrade. Besides record keeping and communication functions, Engrade can automatically generate various reports including Progress Reports from information from the subject teachers. This enables the school administrators and teachers to analyze student results and improve the curriculum and teaching. Currently, CCIS regularly prints Progress Report generated by Engrade and sends them to parents. Progress Report keeps parents and school on the same page which enables us to make joint efforts to guide students to improve their academic performance.
  • At-risk Report: When students’ overall academic performance is well below the required level, CCIS will send out an At-risk Report written by subject teachers to students and parents to remind them the student’s performance improvement needs urgently. In this report, subject teachers will include “Missing Work to be Completed and Turned-in”, “Assessments to be Done or Retaken”, “Steps to take to become a Better Student (Including meeting with your teachers regularly)” and “Comments and/or Individual Grade Record”. Students need to review this report with both teachers and parents and address the steps listed in the report in order to improve their class grade and become a better student.
  • Classdojo: Classdojo builds a bridge between school and parents’ communication. Both teachers and parents use it frequently to conduct daily communication. Teachers, especially Homeroom Teachers (HRTs), share “Class and Student Story” to parents. Subject teachers can provide daily comments regarding students’ performance in class and parents can communicate with teachers by using Class dojo’s “Message” function. In addition, the translation function in Classdojo can help Chinese parents to communicate with the foreign teachers and vice versa.