Curriculum Overview:

In order to meet the needs of Chinese families for international education with the actual situation of Chinese students, CCIS combines CCSS with Chinese traditional culture to provide integrated curriculum education for our students. The following is a brief introduction to our curriculum system. In addition, we will give a detailed introduction to the American educational standards that have been applied to our curriculum projects. Please click on the links below to learn more about these standards.

Common Core State Standards in ReadingWriting, Speaking & Listening across the English, History/Social Science, Science, and Technical Subjects

Common Core State Standards in Mathematics

Next Generation Science Standards

National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies 

Computer Science Teachers Association Standards 

What does an American or North American school curriculum look like?

A standard American curriculum revolves around the four core subjects of Math, Science, Social Science and English/English Language Arts. This core curriculum is then supplemented by additional courses and extracurricular activities that address student learning needs and personal interests. This system builds out a foundation of a well-rounded education that helps mold a well-rounded student who has the skills and knowledge to succeed in a digital, globalized world.

Schools and school districts in America (and Canada) follow the guidelines in their local states (or provinces) yet adapt their curriculum to meet the particular needs and circumstances of the students in their areas. At the same time, they follow sets of standards for each different subject of study as issued by the various national teaching and scholarly associations. These standards lay out a year-by-year progression of learning that should be accomplished in each grade. (While the education terminology used in Canada and America is different, the approach of curriculum management is very similar, with a focus on local control and management that allows for meeting the particular needs of local students).

What does our curriculum focus on?

Through a lot of researches about local students, CCIS has a good command of the student's academic level (compared with American students) before entering school and clearly know the student's learning objectives at different stages. Then we can tailor the bridge course for students, helping them to reach the higher academic ability level and comprehensive qualities which are equal to the foreign students in a certain period of time.

Core Curriculum: Integrated International Bridge Program

International Bridge Program is the core curriculum of the CCIS designed for the younger students. In order to adapt to the trend of the younger students studying abroad, CCIS integrates its own high-quality resources of China and the West, and combines the advanced education and teaching system to create a unique curriculum suitable for the younger students of Grade 5-7. The aim is to help young students who want to study in an international education environment to transit themselves from traditional Chinese education to international education system in terms of language, academic, ideological and comprehensive qualities.

What are the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)?

The main set of standards in America is called the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The CCSS are followed by most states and schools in America. These standards are meant to prepare students for university education and their future careers.

The CCSS are a set of guidelines for content, skills and processes to be followed in learning English (English Language Arts) and Mathematics. CCSS also details the tasks and skills that students should work on in the reading and writing assignments that they do in Science, Social Studies and other technical subjects.

What other standards are present in an American education?

In addition to the Common Core State Standards, the national organization for of each subject discipline develops the content standards for K-12 education. The support of these scholarly organizations assures that standards are up-to-date and meet the requirements of our globalized world. These standards include the Next Generation Science Standards, National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, and Computer Science Teachers Association Standards that are created and revised regularly by the various scholarly organizations in the respective fields. The standards of all of these subjects are built into our CCIS curriculum to assure a complete and progressive education following the best practices in each field.

What skills can student learn from CCIS?

In CCIS, students can not only learn English, Mathematics, Chinese, Science and Social Sciences, but also acquire the ability of critical thinking and problem solving, intercultural communication, collaboration and leadership through our extra-curriculum activities. They can gains good skills and fine qualities, which help them thrive as an independent lifelong learner in their future learning!

Our school slogan is Think about Our Thinking which readies our students to assume the role of global citizens who will be the independent, competent, creative, responsible leaders in the twenty-first century. With their outstanding talents, independent personalities, cross-cultural backgrounds, they can be successful no matter where they are or what they do in the future.