Concordia System

Concordia” is a Latin appellation denoting a sense of harmony and unity by which all Concordia International Schools operate. There are over 2600 Concordia Schools worldwide endeavoring to enhance and deepen the intellectual and moral aptitude of humankind by schooling children to appreciate the world around them and to perceive others as their neighbors and partners.

University With Dormitory and accepts overseas students High school nearby
Concordia University Chicago
Concordia University Texas
Concordia University Irvine - California
Concordia University Wisconsin
Concordia University Portland - Oregan
Concordia University Nebraska
Concordia University Ann Arbor - Michigan
Concordia University Saint Paul
Concordia College New York
Concordia University Montreal
A wide variety of minor and majors offered within the Concordia University System allows the students of Concordia’s in China to continue their education within the system and to find their niche. Given that the schools being a part of the Concordia University System are renowned for their academic excellence and for their professional integrity, they can be taken into consideration by the graduate students of Concordia’s schools in China so that those students could move from one Concordia to another in order to earn their dream degree.