Chengdu Concordia International School (CCIS), established in 2016, is located in Muma Mountain with beautiful scenery and quiet environment. The school is a member of the Concordia System, founded in 1864, with a history of more than 150 years, containing more than 2600 schools over the world, which owns a worldwide reputation in the excellent academic system, personalized student service, and holistic education.

In order to meet the needs of Chinese families for international and high-quality education, concerning the reality of Chinese students, CCIS innovatively combines the Public Standard Curriculum in the US with the national curriculum system in China to provide students integrated curriculum that involves Chinese and foreign curriculum and the advantages in teaching. At CCIS, students not only learn knowledge of English, Mathematics, Chinese, Science and Social Sciences, but also acquire the competence in critical thinking, problem solving, communication, cross-cultural communication, cooperation, and leadership, through the training of CCIS Comprehensive Practice Activity Curriculum. Hence they will be competent and gain comprehensive qualities, and thrive as an independent lifelong learner in the future.