Welcome to CCIS

Dear Parents,

    Since 2016, Chengdu Concordia International School (CCIS) is proud to be a part of the Concordia School System. CCIS benefits from its direct relation to Southern China, Hong Kong, and Concordia System (CAIOL), which has nearly seventy years’ experience providing quality education. CCIS is the most recent member of the CAIOL family, and our campus is located in the scenic and hospitable Muma Mountain Villa district. In addition to our thriving relationship with CAIOL, CCIS also benefits from Concordia’s network of American schools and the fine traditions which were established back in 1864.

    Here at CCIS we integrate the Chinese National Standards and the Common Core State Standards to create a unified curriculum with which we use to instruct our students. The combination of these two programs provides a comprehensive and rigorous course of study in the major subject area. Our team at CCIS is comprised of highly qualified international and Chinese faculty members. Our teachers meet on a weekly basis to review classroom instruction, to analyze data, and to create integrated lesson plans that ensure that our students are receiving the highest quality of instruction. The extracurricular lessons are designed to inspire in each student a life-long love of learning. In order for our students to succeed in college, our classes are geared toward developing inquisitive, creative, cultured learners. Our holistic approach to education means that we view each student as an individual—one who requires intellectual stimulation and compassionate nurturance to better foster the whole person.

    At present, CCIS offers a standard American curriculum for grades 5-12; however, for the foreseeable future, we will only be enrolling students grade 8 and below. Believing that students thrive in smaller classes, we limit the class size to fifteen. Class lessons focus the acquisition of specific skills with real-world applications such as critical thinking, reflective writing, and problem-solving. We also encourage Project Based Learning (PBL) to ensure that our students will have the necessary skills to succeed beyond graduation.

    CCIS works very closely with American Concordia Universities to obtain high-quality, educationally-rich learning resources. Our Intensive English Program (IEP) is geared towards helping our students improve their English literacy for better performance on TOEFL and SAT/ACT Exams and overall competency in the English language.

    Although we prepare students to matriculate at American universities, we still offer a strong program in Chinese language, literature, and history. We believe that our students should know about their own culture, art, geography and that they should also be proficient in their native language. The combination of the American and the Chinese curriculums at CCIS not only helps students to become bilingual and multicultural, but it also readies them to assume the role of global citizens who will be the independent, competent, creative, responsible leaders in the twenty-first century.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and hope to see you at our campus. 

 Chengdu Concordia International School
Chengdu, China