Trip to the Science & Technology Museum and Fun Sports Day!

Semester One ended very well with three days of Final Exams.  Students focused very well and we are very happy with the growth and progress demonstrated by our students this term.  Report cards were presented to parents during our Fun Sports Day on Friday.  Once Exams were completed, students enjoyed an educational outing to the Chengdu Science and Technology Museum.   Much fun was had and our team enjoyed the opportunity to examine the museum for future educational outings.

Jack Zhang worked very hard with our team to organize Fun Sports day on Friday, February 3rd.  Kids, staff and faculty enjoyed a variety of fun and exciting activities.  CCIS was also very happy to welcome a number of our current students’ parents in addition to a number of prospective students and their parents who arrived early to enjoy the festivities before joining our CCIS Winter Camp (February 1-4).