Jason O’Koon
Mr. Jason O’Koon received his Master’s Degree from The Ohio State University in the area of Policy and Leadership. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Toledo in Elementary Education. Mr. O’Koon is certified as a School Principal and Education Teacher and has more than 10 years of classroom and 8 years of school management experience. He has worked at many grade levels in the areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, and English. He has taught in many school districts most recently with the Columbus City Schools. His management experience includes Cincinnati Public Schools and Wyatt-Edison Charter School. During his time as a school administrator he has worked on the implementation of many programs and teaching strategies to ensure the high performance of students in all subject areas. Mr. O’Koon is committed to helping Chengdu Concordia International School (CCIS)develop students and be prepared for the future. His experience as a teacher and school leader make him a perfect fit at CCIS.

Dr. Joseph Pappa
English and Social Studies Teacher

Dr. Pappa graduated from Bucknell University (BA), Villanova University (MA) and State University of New York at Binghamton (PhD). With over a decade of teaching experience, Joseph has taught college literature and composition at the following schools: SUNY-Binghamton; Villanova University; and the Pennsylvania State University. He has most recently taught composition at Brookdale Community College. He has also served as a private tutor to high school students and edited academic texts for colleagues. In addition to a book, he has published several reviews and notes for academic journals.

Nathan Laseter
English Teacher

Bachelor of Baylor University, and Master of international education, K-12, Bessel University, has a great passion on Chinese culture. With a rich teaching experience, he served as a foreign teacher in many traditional school, such as Nanchong Senior High School and Chengdu NO.7 High School, which help him to learn more about the Chinese students’ learning behavior characteristics. Besides that, he is an excellent teacher in communicating with Chinese students and keeping a good relationship with students.

Sean Scullin
English/Social Studies Instructor and Counselor

Mr. Scullin earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Montana.  He has also studied Chinese at Chongqing’s South West University. Sean has a great command of Mandarin, which gives him a better understanding of the thoughts and concerns of Chinese students and helps him communicate well with his students. Sean was captain of the men’s Ultimate Frisbee team at the University of Montana and served as an instructor in a Summer Camp that cultivated students’ social skills. He also engaged in recording for standardized English language tests.

Bryan Hou
IT Director, Computer Science and Physics Teacher
Mr. Hou majored in Management Information Systems and earned Master degrees in Business Management from LaSalle University in Philadelphia and Environmental Health Science from Temple University in Pennsylvania. He worked for Chengdu ISC International School (CDIS) as a Computer Science Teacher, Network Administrator and IT Director for thirteen years. Prior to teaching in China, Bryan spent eleven years studying and working in the Philadelphia area as a Systems Engineer. Bryan is happily married with five children, three of which are currently enrolled in Chengdu Concordia International School. Joining CCIS in August 2017, Mr. Hou is primarily responsible for enabling technology for students and faculty, teaching high school Computer Science and Physics, and assisting CCIS to develop its Science and  Robotics teams.

Maruthi Yerra
Computer Science Teacher

Mr. Yerra graduated from London’s Staffordshire University with his Master’s degree in Computer Science.   During his Master’s program, Maru worked as a Faculty Assistant in the Computer Science department.  Maru is also a qualified TEFL teacher with three years of teaching experience in China. He is proficient in various computer related topics such as Computer Science principles, discoveries and fundamentals as well as programming languages such as Scratch, Python and web development (html, css and JavaScript). Mr. Yerra is always open to new challenges such as immersing himself into new cultures and environments and having to adapt to new situations with varied personalities.

Peter Echessa
Math and Physics Teacher
Mr. Echessa is a Physics and Math instructor with over ten years of experience at the high school level (Grades 9-12). He is a driven and dedicated educator who aims to make learning engaging and fun. Peter holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and a Bachelor of Education degree in Secondary Mathematics and Physics. He is certified with the Ontario College of Teachers and he has taught in Ontario, Canada for six years prior to joining CCIS.

Peter Feng
Head of Academic Administration
4 years education science study in Australia. Responsible for curriculum development as well as professional teacher training in well-known listed educational organization after returning back to China. Founder of English language arts training organization in Chengdu. Extensive experience in acdemic study in English language learning and steam curriculum development as well as in professional teacher training. The main direction of studying is indigenization of implementation of American local language arts class in China.

Megan Huang
Head of English Language Teaching
Graduated from Sichuan International Studies University, major in English, she have been working in international education and standardized test, such as SSAT, SAT, Junior TOEFL for many years. With a rich English teaching experience, she is particularly skilled in reading and writing teaching for standardized tests. Part of her students have got IELTS 7 and TOEFL 105. Besides that, she is also experienced in managing students of international school, knowing how to teach students in accordance of their aptitude

Mandy Leng
Education Administration and TOEFL Instructor
Ms. Leng graduated from Sichuan Normal University.  She is an A-level Examiner for Pearson’s Edexcel. She has been involved in English education for over eight years, including over six years of international education and student management experience. Mandy is proud to note that one hundred percent of the students she taught were accepted into Top 100 American universities, with seventy percent of her former students enrolling in Top 50 American universities such as: Stanford, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Southern California.  Former students of Ms. Leng’s also attend the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford.

Vivi Luo
School Counselor

Majored in Educational Phycology and Graduated From Sichuan Normal University in 2004. She worked as the counselor role focused on US high schools and colleges from 2007 and entered the international program in different types of schools from 2010. She joined many conferences and workshops hold by the EducationUSA and College Board , which makes her very  experienced at the teenager’s career counseling.

Jack Zhang
PE Teacher and Director of Students Affairs

Mr. Zhang graduated from the Chengdu Sports Institute. He is also certified as an international lifeguard, national intermediate swimming instructor, and national all-ages swimming competition referee. Jack has been involved in Physical Education instruction for over five years, including two years of very valuable work experience in the Singapore Sports Council.  This international work experience provided Jack with a better understanding of sports hall construction, safety precautions, lifesaving and the training of athletes.  Jack also oversees CCIS Student Affairs and Clubs.

May Cao
Science Teacher

Miss Cao graduated from England’s University of Reading with a Master of Science degree and has also earned her Senior School Teacher Qualification Certificate. She has great passion for education and knows international educational concepts very well. In terms of her teaching concept, May focuses on individualized education, cultivation of students’ creativity and curiosity about the unknown world.

Laura Yi
Math Teacher
Miss Yi earned a graduate degree from the University of Sydney in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. She has also earned a variety of professional qualification certificates. While previously teaching Math in Chinese public schools, Laura could reflect upon and compare international and Chinese teaching methods in order to continue to improve her own teaching. Through her career she has also collected a variety of math resources and developed math exam questions. Miss Yi joined CCIS on August 1st, 2017 as a High School and Junior School Mathematics teacher.  She has already led three CCIS students to winning awards (including Distinguished) in the Australian Math Competition.

Peting Pei
Music Teacher

Mr. Pei graduated from Chengdu’s South West University of Nationalities where he majored in Music Education.  Peting is primarily engaged in Primary and Secondary School Music and Instrument instruction.  He also runs the Library and assists with CCIS course scheduling.  Mr. Pei is adept at playing Dong pipa, accordion and piano.  In the classroom, Mr. Pei focuses on cultivating students’ perception of music. He won an Award of Excellence in a recent CCTV Minority Singing Contest and performed during the China-Korea Culture Trade Exchange Expo during the Incheon Asia Games.

Aleena Kaye
Chinese Language Teacher

Miss Kaye earned her MA in Chinese Language and Literature, and has a teaching qualification for both Middle and High School.  For the last six years she has been teaching Primary, Secondary and Advanced Chinese, including four years of IGCSE and IB Mandarin.  Along with teaching, Aleena has worked on curriculum development and teaching methodology, and has experience planning Mandarin culture and language programs.

Cathy Ma
Chinese Culture Teacher
Miss Ma graduated from Sichuan Normal University with a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Literature and a Masters degree in International Chinese Langauge Education. Having earned her Senior Teacher certificate, Cathy has plentiful experience teaching Chinese to foreign students. She has participated in the College Entrance Examination Chinese marking work. Being serious and responsible, Miss Ma is good at communicating with students and training students’ independent learning ability, and creativity in particular, with her professional knowledge.

Ma Boling
Art Teacher
Mr. Ma, , alumnus of the Sichuan Fine Art Institute Department of Oil Painting, is a veteran Fine Art instructor and lauded artist. After graduation, he joined the Fine Arts College at Sichuan Normal University as an Associate Professor, and has been teaching for more than 20 years. He is a member of the Sichuan Artist’s Association. Since 1994, he has created over 1,000 pieces of large-scale oil paintings, murals, zenith paintings, science-fiction illustrations, periodical covers, textbook illustrations, comic book monographs, and sketch drawings in Chengdu and Chongqing. More than 600 of them are published work.  Honored with the Silver Award for the Sichuan Fine Arts Exhibition, he has attended various exhibitions and charitable charity events at home and abroad. In addition, his numerous works are collected by private individuals, organizations or institutions.

Sherry Yang
Chinese Culture Teacher

Ms. Yang graduated from the Chengdu College of Arts and Sciences where she majored in English and earned her Certificate of Senior High School Teacher.  Ms. Yang loves education and working with students.  She is quite diligent in her thinking about her classes and paying close attention to communicating with her students in addition to guiding her students’ learning.  Ms. Yang notes that she focuses much attention on individualized instruction, so “I have helped hundreds of people to achieve rapid improvement in English in the short term”.

Jane Wang
Chinese Culture Teacher and Lead Homeroom Teacher
Miss Wang graduated from the Chengdu Institute of Sichuan International Studies University. Jane has earned both her Senior Teacher Qualification Certificate and a Certificate of Test for English Majors (Band 8).  Jane has wide experience to bring to her role as Lead Homeroom Teacher, she can accurately capture students’ thoughts with her love for them and her sharp observation and sound judgment. Miss Wang fully understands and cares for each of the students in her class. She works closely with other subject teachers to ensure that the feedback to parents about students’ behavior and performance at school is accurate.