Our Humanities courses provide invaluable insights into Western culture and American society as they build cultural and academic literacy in addition to language skills with particular attention to Reading and Writing.  Our intent is to offer a wide range of subject selections to our students, so they enter university with a high school curriculum experience as similar as possible to their American counterparts.  Our integrated Chinese and Western Humanities courses offer First Language (L-1) introduction of key concepts and ideas before studying in L-2 in addition to offering students unique insights engendered by the integration of our Humanities courses.  Science and Math courses, in particular, will make use of strong Chinese pedagogical methods in the early years of instruction before turning more directly toward 21st Century Skills, Discovery and Project-based Learning.

We believe all students have innate skills, that learning does not always proceed in a linear fashion and that students learn best when exposed to peers with varying skill levels. Our school provides a rich educational environment (using US national standard Common Core textbooks and appropriate digital resources whenever possible) and instructors receive ongoing Professional Development in areas such as Assessment, Differentiation, and Constructivism in order to provide the best possible learning experiences for our students.