Content of Parents’ Website

communication between school and family

CCIS implements two-platform communication in daily home-school communication.

Class Dojo APP is for all school teachers to upload daily school life documents and photos, so that parents can see the daily CCIS dynamics; Engrade focuses on the academic performance of children at school, and parents can check the attendance, homework and examination of students in various subjects via the computer logon.

Homeroom teachers in charge of the Wechat group carry out daily business notifications, so that parents can get all kinds of notifications and replies at the first time.

Parent-Teacher Association

Parents’ participation and feedback will be gathered on various celebrations and theme day of school, such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas celebration, school sports, etc. The theme parents’ sharing day is being planned, and CCIS parents from all kinds of industries will be invited to share their industry experience for us, which is a useful supplement to students ‘career planning. Actions and friendships, opinions and suggestion feedback can also be exchanged in PTA organizations.

Campus Lectures

CCIS plans and organizes PTA lectures on parent-child relationship, adolescent mental health and overseas promotion for parents every semester, so that parents can grow up with their children synchronously and obtain the professional knowledge and assistance needed by future study abroad.

Monthly Report and School Journal

At the end of each month, CCIS gives parents a paper monthly report containing students’ monthly academic results and teachers’ comments, so that parents can understand the achievements and shortcomings of students’s staged learning. At the same time, every semester, school magazines will also be sent to parents, so that parents can become an indispensable part of the CCIS community, to understand all aspects of school work.