Hiking and Rappelling

Mr. Jack Zhang escorted Lever One (Grades 5-6) to hike Gexian Mountain on Thursday, October 19th.  The students enjoyed the opportunity to view the wonderful scenery and to stretch their young legs as they explored the mountain.  An exciting highlight was the rappelling exercise that introduced the use of rappelling equipment and safety procedures.  Although safety was the primary concern during this activity, we are also happy to note that physical activities such as rock climbing not only contribute to developing strong bodies, but also provides a wonderful opportunity to develop 21st Century Skills such as personal initiative and leadership in addition to developing team-building skills.  In this controlled environment, students learned how to take calculated risks knowing that safety mechanisms were in place to protect them.  Teacher Zhang also escorted our Level Two and Three students (Grades 7-10) on an trip to Mount Qingcheng.  Students enjoy this famous cultural site in addition to enjoying the wonderful hiking and exhilarating scenery.