CCIS Graduation and Diploma Requirements:

Graduation from CCIS (Grades 10-12) requires completion of the requirements listed below. A minimum of four full semesters of CCIS high school attendance are required. For students not completing all three years of high school at CCIS, credit transfer from previous schools will be confirmed by CCIS Counseling.

Senior Project
CCIS Senior Projects will be overseen by a faculty member and monitored by the CCIS Counseling Office.  A final public presentation will culminate this research-based project which will include components reflecting both Chinese and Western cultures.

CCIS Credit Requirements (Grades 10-12)*

Course Name Credits
English 3
Math (Minimum Requirement: Pre-Calculus) 3
Science 3
Social Science 3
Fine Arts 1.5
Physical Education 2
Chinese Studies 2.5
Senior Project 1
Total 19.0

*Students must meet or exceed both of the below minimum requirements in addition to meeting Credits and attendance requirements and have an acceptable behavior record to receive a CCIS Diploma.
Minimum Cumulative GPA:     Unweighted: C-/1.67, Weighted: C-/2.67
Minimum TOEFL: 65
* Accredited online courses, or dual-credit Concordia courses taken while enrolled at CCIS may be accepted in lieu of, or in addition to, CCIS course offerings.
* Fine Arts includes Art, Music and Computer Arts
* Units: CCIS follows established American secondary school criteria for awarding Course Credits.  A Credit represents 120 study hours studying a subject (180 annual school days).
*Six Credits must be taken each academic year (Grades 10-12)
*CCIS provides both weighted and unweighted GPAs.  The unweighted GPA is calculated on a traditional 4.0 scale.  The weighted scale adds one point to AP courses.

Unweighted 4.0                                Weighted 5.0

A 4.00 A 5.00
A- 3.67 A- 4.67
B+ 3.33 B+ 4.33
B 3.00 B 4.00
B- 2.67 B- 3.67
C+ 2.33 C+ 3.33
C 2.00 C 3.00
C- 1.67 C- 2.67
D+ 1.33
D 1.00
D- .67
F 0.00

CCIS Diploma Requirements:

Diploma Type Credits GPA AP Exams TOEFL  Experience
Distinction 19 3.75 or above Minimum of six AP Exams with a score of 3 or better. Minimum of 95 Minimum of two international study abroad and/or service program experiences while in high school.
Honors 19 3.5 or above Minimum of three AP Exams with score of 3 or better. Minimum of 80 Minimum of one international study abroad and/or service program experience while in high school.
Standard Diploma 19 1.67 or above Minimum of 65