Extra-curricular activities provide out of class opportunities to learn and apply skills taught primarily in the classroom.  CCIS employs 21st Century Skills to provide a forward-looking and innovative foundation for our comprehensive curriculum and thus we apply these skills both in and out of the classroom.  We also firmly believe that not all learners function best in the classroom; even in a modern Student-centered classroom, so we place great significance on our extra-curricular programs.  We partner with high quality extra-curricular program providers such as World Strides while also producing our own programs to help students (to name only a few) learn to develop initiative, to be reasoned risk-takers, to learn to take and practice leadership skills and develop a sense of curiosity along with developing intercultural understanding, compassion and the critical thinking and cross-cultural communication skills necessary to succeed in the world our students will inherit.  Extra-curricular activities include sport and clubs; social service, such as working with the less-fortunate or in undeveloped areas, international trips and study abroad opportunities.