Evening Discovery: The World, Others, and Myself

  • Introduction: CCIS firmly believes that out-of-class activities can offer valuable learning experiences to students.  Since the vast majority of our students board at CCIS Sunday evening through Thursday evening (returning home after classes conclude Friday afternoon), we have designed an Evening program that presents and develops many 21st Century Skills and themes found in our Character Development program.  We have named this program Evening Discovery.  Evening Discovery provides students varied opportunities to be exposed to people, cultures and environments from across this vast world via movies, videos and documentaries, thus engendering an enhanced understanding of Self, Other and the World.  Through this exposure to the world and its various peoples and their cultures, we aim to instill the “process of discovery” within our students.  The process of discovery will help our students develop their own unique personalities and character traits in addition to helping them develop an enhanced understanding of the rights of all people; their place in this ever-changing, globalizing, world; and a deeper sense of their roles and responsibilities both as individuals and as members of society.  CCIS Evening Discovery also provides out-of-class opportunities for students to practice and develop their English Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing skills in a relaxed, non-academic, setting.  The section below offers a very brief summary of the purpose of this program, areas we aim to develop in our students and the basic processes of Evening Discovery.
  • Purpose: Students to Understand: Themselves as Inhabitants of this Earth and as Global Citizens; Interconnectedness of the World’s Various Regions and Environments; Sustainability; Others, Their Lives, and Their Rights; How to Live Responsibly.
  • Develop: Intercultural Understanding, Critical Thinking, Reflective Thinking, Sense of Self, Respect for Others, Personal Expression, Curiosity.
  • Processes:
    1. Summary: For each Video/Presentation
    2. Reflective Writing: Select One Topic from Each Week’s Selections
    3. Presentations: Share Personal Presentation with Group and Discuss