Christmas 2017

CCIS Christmas was a wonderful opportunity to continue building our sense of community and also a wonderful opportunity for our school to come together as a family united across cultures and languages.  Ms. Nicole Ye welcomed our guests and translated the principal’s welcoming remarks.   Principal Davis spoke briefly about the meaning of Christmas at three stages of his life in order to introduce our themes of giving and reflecting on our lives as he welcomed our guests. Then our student hosts, James Li and Yuki Huang took over in their roles as co-presenters.  Students then took center stage with a number of presentations including The Thirteenth Cookie, presented by Mr. Scullin’s’ Grade 5 class; T’was the Night before Christmas, by Grade Six with the guidance of Homeroom Teachers Loma Luo and Shirley Zhang; and three exquisite songs from Mr. Pei’s student choir.  Faculty presentations included Mr. Scullin sharing memories of his Christmas experiences as a youth in America (including wonderful photographs).  This presentation shared a familial perspective and was very well received by the students and parents learned (and viewed) first-hand what an American family Christmas consists of and looks like. Mr. Bryan shared with us his thoughts on Christmas from a spiritual perspective.  This presentation too was very well received as we were led to consider the deeper meaning of Christmas and the life of Jesus.